Step Aboard Milano combines art, fashion, style and urban culture in the single label of a new all-Milanese perfume experience. The idea behind Step Aboard arose from the research and the need of the two young founders to have a perfume of intuitive use, compatible with hair and body.
A product creating amazement, combining functionality of use, design of the graffiti and olfactory emotions. A true change of route in the design of niche perfumery.



A new generation of fragrances with the feature of being used as one wants, given their total versatility, practicality and dynamism together with a formula completely compatible with hair and skin. A new contemporary gesture, thanks to the continuous all-round dispensing, which is able to be generous on all the body, from the head to the toes. A brand that doesn’t pass unnoticed among the tribe of urban citizens.
The spray-can uses the innovative bag-on-valve system, a dispensing method consisting of a bag made of inert material, containing the product, positioned inside the spray can full of compressed air. This system enables the use and continuous dispensing of the product with any inclination of the spray-can, even upside-down.


Much attention has been given to the graphics, designed by Georgiana and defined by the most established professionals in the sector. The olfactory values have been trapped in a fresh, playful metropolitan image. The dynamic, cosmopolitan appearance arouses curiosity, communicating creativity, innovation and surprise.
The main inspiration for the pack came from the spray can for graffiti, with the choice of aluminium colour, in a contemporary, amusing touch. Georgiana and Daniele have included details in neon green, characterising the first line dedicated to Milan, choosing the donut as one of the distinctive features of the brand.