Born on the Danube, she grew up in the culture of ancient Dacia and then arrived in North Italy at the age of 19, determined to follow a high-profile university experience. So she dedicated herself to studying foreign languages and literature; she won a scholarship and finished a part of her studies in France, where she came increasingly into contact with the refined French perfume culture, founded on a great tradition.
As a lover of the history of art, she subsequently entered into collaboration with the Louvre Museum, Paris, in the Department of Graphic Arts. A context where fundamental styles from different epochs can act as a guide to choices in aesthetics and life. In the Ville Lumière, Georgiana enthusiastically widened her knowledge of French perfumes, concentrating her attention on particular Parisian ateliers.

After finishing her specialist studies in international relations, she entered the world of fashion. Some Maisons she worked for enabled her to acquaint herself more closely with the creations of the French grand masters of perfumery.
Georgiana believes in the perfume’s act of surprising, in its ability to conquer thanks to its packaging, and is convinced that throwing herself into the game will lead to the transformation of every mental impulse into a unique result.