Colourful portraits collage at the Tube station

A contrast between the brightness of the top and the depth of the bottom highlights the intertwining of cultures that characterizes the urban context of the Whitechapel artistic area, with its intense yellow. Sunday Street describes an afternoon spent at the Tube station observing passers-by and capturing human contours by materializing them into a rich artistic collage. At the centre of the fragrance are different, intense faces, reinterpreted in intriguing colourful expressionistic portraits. The composition evokes a sweet, welcoming solidity which allows you to identify with the diversity of the elements of a contemporary coexistence.

Profumiere: Profumiere: Bertrand Duchaufour – Grasse, France


Lemon, Bigarade

Roasted Cereals, Immortelle, Cloves

Ginger, Fir Balsam, Vanilla, Tonka Bean