Bosco sospeso


The protagonist of this fragrance is the vertical densification of nature, which gets its inspiration from the most innovative and imaginative spots in the city: green hearts suspended in the frenzy of Milan.

A breath-taking vegetable spectacle, where light filters in only through the leaves of the plants; it’s the fragrance of the shade. New dimensions are explored by the simple observation of these contemporary architectural structures. The concept of nature is taken to another level, extended towards the sky. The green of springtime or the copper shades of autumn go to harmonise perfectly with the blue vault of the sky and the modern technique of architecture, creating an inimitable combination of materials and dimensions.

Profumiere: Bertrand Duchaufour - Grasse, France


Petitgrain – Absinth – Thyme

Leaves and Flowers of Pittosporum – Tomato Leaves

Patchouli – Tree Mosses